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  • VALENTINA, designed by Alejandra Gandía-Blasco for GAN is a collection inspired by the embroidery of haute couture that references classic couture dress making, reinterpreted and hand made by the craftsmen and women of India using the traditional chain-stitching method.   VALENTINA SPACE is a rug of rounded embroidered edges and metalwork motifs that...

    (NOK) kr 15,000.00 Leveranstiden är ca 4-6 veckor
    Leveranstiden är ca 4-6 veckor
  • GARDEN LAYERS, design by PATRICIA URQUIOLA for GAN.  There exist artists who know no boundaries and there are journeys that change everything. Patricia Urquiola travelled to India where she was captivated by the delicacy and harmony of the Mongol architecture she found there. Gardens, terraces and miniatures found their way into her restless imagination...

    (NOK) kr 3,480.00 Slut i lager
    Slut i lager
  • The GLAOUI collection designed by Sandra Figuerola is inspired by Moroccan traditions, with its colourful design approach that exudes warmth and comfort, where all pieces come together around a central focus: the carpet. GLAOUI includes poufs and carpets made using craft techniques and woven over a loom with knots and embroidery which lend it a great...

    (NOK) kr 7,680.00 Leveranstid: cr 4 - 6 veckor
    Leveranstid: cr 4 - 6 veckor
  • SILAI means “stitch” in the Indian language and represents a reinterpretation of petit point embroidery.   SILAÏ celebrates the beauty of the age-old art of the handmade where the time, care and patience needed to make something is reflected. It is a “savoir-faire” that is being lost, because we have less and less time, we use objects which we consume...

    (NOK) kr 20,400.00 Leveranstid: cr 4 - 6 veckor
    Leveranstid: cr 4 - 6 veckor
  • The new BANDAS collection by GAN is the result of the search for unique items of interior furniture inspired by the genius of Patricia Urquiola and made by hand by craftswomen and men in India. It’s no secret that for both the brand and the designer the success of BANDAS is a question of empathy above all.   Urquiola’s innovative and original style is...

    (NOK) kr 6,600.00 Leveranstid: cr 4 - 6 veckor
    Leveranstid: cr 4 - 6 veckor
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