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INDIE sofa bed

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Country chair

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Two Vocals together don\'t need a wall to stand.

Size: H 162 x B  35 x L 45 cm.

Material: solid pine, FSC certified.

Color: Natural/Natural, White/White, White/Coolr Gray

Package size: 184 x 38 x 6 cm, 11 kg.

Assembly instruction: here

INDIE sofa bed spices things up by introducing iconic legs that add a retro touch to an ultra-modern design.

A contrasting piece, INDIE is not only visually enticing, but also extra comfy, featuring adjustable armrests and well-filled cushions to enjoy total cosiness. Whether used as a sofa or as a full-size bed, Indie is sure to make a statement!

Crafted from solid but lightweight pinewood, with a high-quality futon, INDIE stands the test of time and can be easily moved around, giving you freedom to reinvent your surroundings as often as you want.

Be bold. Dare to stand out.

Product details

Size: H 78 x B 100 x L 200 cm as a sofa, H 38 x B 130 x L 200 cm as a bed (height including mattress)
Color: natural (untreated pine), black, white

Material: solid pine, FSC certified

Size: H 15 x B 130 x L 190 cm
Material: wool mix (blend of cotton, polyester, wool)
Mattress cover: made of 70% cotton and 30% polyester, not removable

1 cushion 40 x 60 cm with a button
2 bolsters Ø18 x 50 cm

Color combinations for mattress and cushions:
1. Vision / Gris Combo (with Vision mattress)
2. Pistachio / Gris Combo (with Amarillo mattress, cushions i pistachio and gris buttons on the cushions)
3. Celeste / Gris Combo (with celeste mattress, blue cushions and gris buttons on the cushions)
4. Gris / Light bordeaus Combo (with gris mattress, gray cushions and light bordeaux buttons on the cushions)
5. Magenta / Amarillo Combo (with magenta mattress, gray cushions and amarillo buttons on the cushions)

Number of packages: 3
Package 1 is 39 x 96 x 13 cm, 13 kg
Package 2 is 8 x 32 x 200 cm, 13 kg
Package 3 is 30 x 130 x 95 cm, 20 kg

Design: Says Who for Karup Partners

Solid round chair with a beautiful detail. You can purchase it with or without pillow

Size: H 45 x B  40 x L 40 cm.

Material: solid pine and leather details, FSC certified.

Package size: 52 x 44 x 8 cm, 3 kg.

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