TAKAOKAYA is a producer of hand-made Japanese Zabuton cushions which workshop is situated in the heart of Kyoto, Japan.

Traditional hand-made Zabuton cushions date back to the 12th century. These comfort floor seats were reserved for the aristocrats and venerated Buddhist monks. But after few centuries Zabuton became a regular fixture in Japanese homes. In 1919 TAKAOKAYA started crafting unique, hand-made  Zabuton cushions in Kyoto, the ancient Japanese capital.

TAKAOKAYA’s stylish, high quality range of furnishings are designed to harmonize any living space and bring the Japanese art of kutsurogi into your home.

Kutsurogi is the Japanese word for relaxation. In Japan, though,kutsurogi is something more: it’s a way of lifeThe Japanese people are considered to work extremely hard, but they are also especially good at relaxing. They are also known for their  fondness for beautiful things with high consideration for their design and materials.

The artisans and craftmen at TAKAOKAYA believe in integrating beautiful objects into one’s everyday life. Takaokaya products promote natural, slow, living — the kutsurogi way!

All TAKAOKAYA’s cushions are handcrafted by artisans using age-old techniques with your comfort in mind. The  modish, geometrically-shaped cushions come in all sorts of colours, textiles and sizes. Stuffed with a mix of cotton and polyurethane, they come in more than 50 varieties of fabric, from luxurious Kyoto silk and Welsh wool to designer textiles from brands like France-based Casamance and Britain’s Osbourne and Little.

TAKAOKAYA’s products bring the art of kutsurogi and true Japanese living into your home.

Here you’ll find the list of TAKAOKAYA ojami cushions available at StyleHouse.no.

Kyoto Ojami cushions: a stylish and harmonic mix of the old and the new

The ojami is an original cushion developed by TAKAOKAYA over the last decade. The unique shape is inspired by the ancient Japanese beanbag toy called ‘tedama’, or ‘ojami’ in Kyoto dialect. 100% Handmade by Kyoto Craftsmen.

The ojami cushion is a funky, modern take on the tedama. Handcrafted by skilled Kyoto artisans, ojami cushions come in a rich variety of colors, fabric coverings, fillings, sizes and shapes to suit your taste and lifestyle. Amazingly comfortable and of a unique geometrical shape, functionally these cushions are designed for posture support and correction, and to be a beautiful decorative object suitable to any living or working space.

Ojami Settee cushions

Ojami Settee cushions are a luxurious version of the lovely and comfy Ojami. Settee are huge, nearly 60cm in diameter and 15cm thick. They are plumply stuffed by TAKAOKAYA’s talented artisan staff to create the ultimate cushion. Fabric varieties offered are equally luxurious and rich and varied.

Cojami cushions

That ‘little ojami’! Unlike the regular ojami, these have a pleasing ‘beanbag’ filling, reminiscent of the origins of Ojami range, the traditional Japanese beanbag toy. These kawaii little cushions are designed to be the perfect height and firmness for napping.

Ojami Flat Cushions

Ojami Flat Cushions bring the style and handcrafted comfort of Ojami to Western-style chairs. They also make a wonderful decorative element to Western rooms and furniture.

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