What is a futon?

Futon has been known for 2,000 years, it comes from Japan but today they are everywhere thanks to their practical advantages. Some people like futons because of the health aspects, futon can be a better option for people with back problems and futon mattress is breathable. Futon mattress is environmentally friendly, it does not emit toxic gases. Futons are cheaper than spring mattresses and are moreover easier to transport in a car, space saving and most natural.


Sometimes the word "futon" is used  for both the mattress and bed frame, but we use the term only to refer to the mattress part of the bed.

The main feature on a futon is that it is made of cotton. Cotton is a natural material that follows the back shape and provides full support for your body while you sleep. The same cannot be said for latex, foam and other synthetic materials, and even animal products like wool. A new futon of raw natural cotton has a weak natural odor reminiscent of fresh hay and disappears after short time.

In Japan, the futon traditionally placed either on a tatami mat or on a low wooden bed. A slatted base is essential to provide the mattress proper support and enable adequate air circulation.

Today futon is being produced worldwide in a wide range of materials including usual and organic cotton, wool, horsehair, and countless mixes of cotton with foam, latex and coconut.

Cotton is soft, smooth, non-irritating, allergy free and feels amazing to the touch. Cotton is effective at absorbing moisture and wicking it to the surface. Cotton allows air to circulate around your body, keeping you dry and comfortable in a healthy sleeping. Cotton is the best material for those with allergies. The benefits of organic cotton are also the positive effects on the environment. Organic cotton production is not engaged in the careless waste of the planet.

Horsehair is one of the natural materials that is comfortable to sleep on and does not absorb any water. Horsehair mattress allows air and moisture to move right through it. Horsehair is an organic material with natural antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-mite properties.

Wool has excellent insulating properties that will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Wool fibers help to keep your body at the optimal temperature for maximum comfort and rest. Wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water without feeling heavy or damp. The absorbent fibers "breathe" by wicking away moisture from the body and releasing it into the air. Wool has the unique quality of being fire, water, static and wear resistant. Wool is a renewable, reusable and biodegradable product.

Quality flax effectively regulates body temperature by absorbing moisture. As well as being incredibly durable and flexible, it also diverts static electricity. By using flax in our beds, we remove static electricity from your body and help you create an altogether more positive energy while you sleep. Furthermore, flax is a noise and vibration absorber, contributing to a night’s sleep that allows your body to regenerate in peace and comfort. Flax also has unique anti-bacterial properties.

Some of the futon models which we offer currently are:

-a model of pure 100% cotton consisting of eight layers of cotton with covers in organic cotton (organic futon),

-a medium-hard model that is adapted to European habits consisting of 8 layers of cotton and a four-inch thick layer of foam in the middle (comfort futon),

-one hard and firm cotton futon with one 4 cm layer of cocos in the middle (coco futon),

-an exclusive medium hard elite futon made of horsehair, wool, cotton and latex (elite futon),

-cotton futon with two 4 cm layer of latex (double latex futon),

-shiatsu futon, which is closest to original Japanese model, only 5 cm thick 100% cotton with organic cotton cover,

-topp mattress, 5 cm thick, medium hard, made of cotton and one layer of latex,

- models with hemp, horse hair, wool, etc.

-Sandwich futon.

We are working all the time on the increasing your choice so please check Mattresses and Top mattresses categories, for the latest news like Winter-Summer futon, Super Hard Coco futon, Luxury Camel wool toppers and others.

Models come in natural cotton color and no buttons for the best sleeping comfort.

We provide all sizes possible. Length can be any up to 240 cm.  Please contact us by email to post@stylehouse.no if you wish to order special size which you cannot find on the product page.

For single and double sofa beds like BEAT, BEBOP, EDGE, FIGO, FRESH, Rock-O and others  the futon mattress that comes as a standard is a medium hard and made of wool mix and foam. It is adapted for use as a sofa. See more information under each product.

Our futons are produced by Danish company Karup Partners, which ensures high quality and excellent design, see more about the manufacturer here: http://www.karup.eu and a Polish producer Ekomat (organic cotton).

Futon mattresses made of cotton are hard, cotton molds to your body and pressed under the body weight with use. Futon mattresses with latex or polyester foam in the middle are medium hard.



A new futon of raw natural cotton has a weak natural odor reminiscent of fresh hay and disappears after host.

Since a futon is made of cotton, it absorbs body moisture, so it must be vented regularly to let the cotton dry. It is recommended to turn futon once a week and take off the bed linen twice a week to ensure adequate ventilation. If you have a futon on the floor  it must be rolled up every day to let futons and floor aired. For a futon located on a slatted base it is recommended to turn it weekly. Roll it up twice a week and air outdoors monthly. If futon gets wet, wash cotton cover with a damp cloth and let it dry in the sun. When it comes to cleaning of the futon handle it as a mattress and therefore cannot be washed in the usual manner. It is recommended to use a cover or bedding. Do not remove the fill from the futon.

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