was established in 2010 with a desire to offer beautiful interior products with an international flair. The idea came during renovation of a small apartment in Oslo. A Japanese shoji wall to separate the bedroom from the living room emerged as an alternative. Then followed the idea to use room dividers as a convenient way to separate area in a decorative manner.

Foldable futon mattress came as a perfect way to make bedroom a home office during the day. At the time of a start up that small apartment of 36 m2 in total was containing a bathroom, a separate kitchen, 2 home office spaces, a bedroom, a relaxing sofa with a table and a dining table while looking bright, light and free. We are passionate about smart living in a creative simple way.

Classic Japanese design has had a flourishing development worldwide in recent decades, in line with the Zen culture it has become part of the modern lifestyle for people in the western world. The traditional yin-yang philosophy, with strong contrasts that complement each other, plays a major role in all elements - color, shape, and firmness, and Zen traditions can be summarized easily in three words: less is more. Designed to be simple, uncluttered and made in materials that are in one with nature and man.

We offer wide range of low beds: futon beds, beds in Japanese style, tatami beds, single and double sofa beds, tatami mats, futon mattresses in natural materials, zabuton cushions, screens, exciting armchairs and couches that turn into mattresses, designer multifunctional table from Sculptures Jeaux and xBritt and other related products.

We hope to create more variety in furniture offer in Norway, Sweden and Finland and provide customers with more choices of high quality beyond those that are found in the big chain stores with a focus on multi-functionality, small space living, aesthetics and customer satisfaction.

Let yourself be inspired!


The shop is run by trademark, which is owned by Ilka AS, org. No.: 896 224 182MVA. In Sweden and Finland  under the trademark with VAT number SE 502070225301  and


We have a showroom at Trondheimsveien 436B, 0962 Oslo, on the 3d floor. The showroom is open only on Thursdays between 16:00 and 18:00 p.m and Saturdays 12:00 and 14:00 p.m.  Call 94 42 30 29 when you are at the door. NB! This phone number is for showroom only. If you have other questions please send e-mail to

Extended return right with free shipping and a chance to experience products at customer’s home is offered for futon mattresses and large furniture from Karup and Cinius such as sofas, beds and sleeping chairs for customers who live outside Big Oslo area and have not seen products before purchase. Extended returnrule does not apply for room dividers, tables, "bed in a bag", hammocks, mattress covers and pillows. In the case of 14-days after receipt cancellation the customer pays return shipping. See more under Terms and conditions.



Is there anything you wonder about, read our FAQ first. If you need more information or miss anything on our website please contact us. The best way to reach us is by using the contact form under the button Contact us, which can also found at the bottom of this webpage or by sending an e-mail directly to

NB! Sometimes emails from us end up in the spam box of e-mail recipients. Check your spam folder if you wait for a response for more than two business days.


You can also try to reach us by phone 47 59 3 36, leave your name and number if you do not get a response, we will contact you as soon as we can.


Showroom address: Stylehouse, 3d floor, Trondheimsveien 436B, 0962 Oslo, 16:00-18:00, Thursdays.

Warehouse address in Norway: Bring Warehousing, Rosenholmveien 20, 1252 Oslo. Opening hours: 08:15 – 15:45.

Warehouse address in Sweden: ILKA AS c/o Pile Zone AB, Kabelvägen 15, Norrköping , SE 60210.

Warehouse address in Finland: Nettivarasto c/o Van & Poika, Tiilenpolttajankuja 6, 01720 Vantaa

No visits to the warehouse, unfortunately. This is for information only for pick-up of already ordered items after you have received notification by e-mail.

Postal address: Ilka AS, Varheihagen 7, 4070 Randaberg, Norway.



We have the following products on display in showroom:

-sofa beds Fresh, Figo;

-sleeping chairs Nido, Dice;

-mattresses: Traditional futon, Elite Comfort Futon, Double latex futon, Coco futon;

-mattress toppers;

-Mulberry silk duvets;

-Zabuton pillows from Takaokaya;

-bed Isola;

-tables: Moebius Bu from xBritt and Par4 from Sculptures Jeaux;

-headrest: Futon;

-tatami mats, pillows,

-mattress covers in Flax, Natural, Black.


We have fabric samples and catalogs from Karup, Cinius, Sculptures Jeaux, Takaokaya and xBritt in showroom.


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